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This Expert will give direction and advice to complete the other matchmaking steps and help to develop the best possible profile for you, which will attract the type of partner who has the most potential, as a match.You will then be able to connect with other eligible singles who meet your specifications, which have been discussed with the Relationship Expert.This assistance means that a lot of time is saved on browsing through loads of profiles, because the matchmaker does the work for you.When you don't have the time to spend in looking for the perfect partner, Professional Match does the work for you.Regardless of which program you choose, we will always honor your privacy and preferences.Both programs are 100% custom, confidential, and offline.A free seven-day, trial membership is on offer, to test the waters, or a full 10 days if a profile image is uploaded.Uploading a valid image of yourself, will give you access to most of the features for this period, and allow the visitor to connect with other members.

Through our matchmaking service, we select the most qualified candidates that meet your exacting criteria.

Christian is thought to be the firstsite which was created for single Christians in 1999.

Since then, its popularity has grown in leaps and bounds, to become a leader in this field.

This spares you time and money on disappointing dates, so you can find your ideal match as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Selective Search offers two ways to become a member: our fee-based Client program and our free Affiliate program.

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This online site was specifically started to provide single Christians with a site to meet like-minded people of faith, whether for friendship, marriage, or to date one another.

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