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Serious ukrainian dating site

By no means I feel obliged to answer everyone who decided to write to me, or even read their letters.

Quite a few mails in Russian or English that I receive get deleted without reading.

I have a feeling that many guys believe, “I should be who I really am”, and fire ahead without thinking.

Let me ask you a question: If you were interviewing a prospective candidate for a position in your company, and 90% of what he said was OK, but 10% was not consistent with what you are looking for — would you hire them?

If you have been using any general dating site, I am confident that you weren’t answering 100% of mails and messages you received there.

They don’t mind to meet their perfect match while riding a bus to work, for example.

Yesterday I had a discussion on the blog with a male member about Russian and Ukrainian women who don’t login to the dating site for a long time.

His views were that many ladies on our site seem to have abandoned their profiles and don’t respond to messages, and that we should somehow “make” them login and answer.

He found that she put on the electronic hand brake and drove with it “on” all the way.

No wonder the car seemed to struggle moving forward.

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Or would you tell them, “We’ll contact you”, and get rid of them?

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