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His son Doug recalled, "He'd go to church and hear a sermon on 'love thy neighbor' ...

but when he'd leave church he'd hear the same people slamming their neighbors" (Dougherty interview). I'm an atheist and that is certainly a pretty bleak and hopeless outlook" (Cornwell).

However, the offer was based on the condition that he paint more abstract paintings, which he also had a talent for, and which by the mid-to-late 1950s were becoming all the rage.

In 1963 he landed a job as a copywriter, which took the young family to Milwaukee.

It was the first of a number of copywriting jobs with various advertising agencies that over the next decade would take the Thornburgs to St.

More exposure indeed: Not long after the book was published the film rights were sold for 0,000 (equivalent to 4,000 in 2016) to Hal Wallis (1898-1986), a high-profile film producer of such classics as .

Thornburg worked on the screenplay for the film, but it was never made.

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He next wrote was Thornburg's first hardcover and his first major success.

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