Sexuality research and social policy online dating

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Sexuality research and social policy online dating

Young people are revealing ever more information about themselves, and traditional 'offline' occurrences such as bullying, relationship break-ups and social pressures are magnified and recorded online.Relationships can be more intensive, with more opportunities for contact and less visibility or moderation by adults, and relationships and friendships often create permanent digital content.These programs usually consider adolescence and youth as naturalizing categories and can be described as strongly preventionist.Based on our activities in Brazil, ongoing research and training of health professionals and activists, and inspiration...

Globalization has an impact on all aspects of life, including the construction, regulation and imagination of sexuality and gender.

Conversion therapies were developed based on homophobic beliefs that same-sex attractions …Using dating apps has become popular for many young adults worldwide, promising the chance to meet new sexual partners.

Because there is evidence that using dating apps may be associated with risky sexual behavior, this study compared users and …“Evidence” has replaced “abstinence” as the idea with foundational cultural authority in sexuality education debates, policy, and practice.

This paper aims to suggest some of the ways in which this impact is occurring, primarily in the developing world, with some emphasis on questions of HIV, sexual identity, and human and sexual rights.

In issues of sexuality, as in other spheres, globalization increases...

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