Sharepoint event receiver itemupdating beforeproperties Free chat with hot milfs

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Sharepoint event receiver itemupdating beforeproperties

To achieve this I will will need cath newand old values on the list Item which is being updated, to then find itsequivalent in list2 and proceed to update.

If Ioverride the Item Updating event I am able to get the old value but not the newone, and when I override the Item Updated I can get only the new value.

In Share Point 2013 if the field is not changed then the After Properties in Item Updating event contain the user ID.Because of these differences it’s possible that your old code which has worked fine with classic authentication will not work with claims based authentication.For example with classic based authentication in Item Adding and Item Updating events the modified value of a user field can be retrieved as below: This code will not work when using Claims based authentication because the value of properties.To solve the problem I changed my code for getting the user from After Properties so it would work for Claims authentication no matter is the field changed using the Peaple Editor control or programmatically.For reference below are all the results from the tests for Share Point 2013 for Claims based authentication and Classic authentication, both when working with a list item using the UI and programmatically.

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Afeter Properties[“User Field”] is “-1;#i:0#.w|domain\user1” Because its happening only when adding and modifying a user field using the New and Edit form it seems that the problem is with the Peaple Editor control.

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