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"You can refer the matter to the Saint John police or the RCMP when you have a real-life, non-online situation," Crandall said, adding that real-life scams are easier to prosecute, since those scammed online might not even know the person's location or real name.

"You should reach out and talk to the police and the credit-card company, if they've been using your credit card," he said.

In return, they helped themselves to her entire fortune. Perhaps they claim to live in a lavish mansion in upstate New York. Anyone credible has a background, and a history that should be fairly transparent. Compare it to the results of the background check and make sure everything adds up.

Scammers can be smart, but even the best crooks have telltale giveaways. If they’re really living out of an RV in Oklahoma, a background check may reveal the truth. If we imagine the workings of a con artist as a formula, it usually follows the same pattern each time.

Although people tend to worry more about getting ripped off by Tinder or Plenty of Fish dates, real-life romance scams are "very prevalent," Crandall said.

Recently a Colorado senior was scammed out of her entire life savings and left penniless.Like Oath, our partners may also show you ads that they think match your interests.Learn more about how Oath collects and uses data and how our partners collect and use data.One of the problems with prosecuting romance scams, Crandall said, is that "the people taken advantage of are too embarrassed to even talk about it.So the real numbers are probably much higher than we even know." But it's still important to report criminal activity, even if it's embarrassing.

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"A lot of people end up paying off a debt that isn't theirs, or they end up having to file for bankruptcy.