Six degrees dating

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Am I dating myself by referencing the game “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”? The idea is that it is almost impossible to fail to connect any two people using six connections of fewer given certain loose conditions.

Services like Facebook and Linked In tend to flatten this process because of how many people are in our imediate circle.

But the analysis comes back full circle: the point is to meet people who would be interested in meeting you again later.

Even better, if there aren’t too many links in the chain between us and a potential date–and those links are all up to date–then there is some semblance of a hope that the potential parter is a Good Person because otherwise the link would be more tenuous. Exposure is part of the process, but also in many ways I’m not sure it’s so different from the attempts at traditional dating I’ve tried.

Six Degrees Society is a women focused networking group that takes the guesswork out of who you meet while networking. This is an event where our favorite guys can experience what Six Degrees Society is all about.

Each attendee will walk away with 4 curated connections handpicked just for them.

Rather, we have used our cognitive biases and filters to form a “snap judgment” about someone, just as they have about us.

Those judgments may or may not be accurate, but they endure.

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We track more than 100 of them at Six Degrees to aid in our psycho-sensory brand-building efforts.

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