Slavyanochka dating

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Slavyanochka dating

They are grown not only in the gardens, but also in pots, decorating balconies and terraces. Here are the varieties that can be easily grown in the garden: They are frost-resistant perennial chrysanthemums.

In Germany, France and China they are divided into 10 classes, and in England and the USA there are 15 of them. They are luxurious large chrysanthemums (diameter of flowers is 4-10 inches, the average height is 2.6-4 ft) of different forms of inflorescence, grown mainly for cutting.It is a minimal care plant, it is easily propagated, and grows in any soil type for up to 4 years.It blooms in mid-September and flowering lasts till the very frosts.Then, the Japanese cultivated the flower and idolized this flower so much that only members of the imperial family had the right to wear clothes depicting chrysanthemums.Chrysanthemum was brought to Europe in the eighteenth century, but it was only in the nineteenth century when it was intensively cultivated.

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The varieties are: Its height is 12-24 inches, heavily branching, the leaves below the stem are pinnate, the leaves of the upper part are toothed.

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