Soap stars dating

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Soap stars dating

They are shipping this couple hardcore, but for now, everyone has to wait and see if more information comes out. They wanted to know who is crush from the show was and he even named Kristina Schulman.

Blake said, “I think that would be Kristina Schulman probably.” Later he said he knew it would come up during the interview. He also wouldn’t admit if he wanted to be serious or not with her.

If they weren’t dating, you would think that she would deny it.

Kristina can tell for sure that the fans want her date Blake.

From drunk driving, to increasing awareness around HIV/AIDS, to the romance between Luke and Laura — it’s clear some pretty incredible things have happened in the land of Everything about Franco drastically changed after Roger Howarth took on the role in 2013.

It’s a natural trend for ‘zeros’ to turn into ‘heroes’ on soaps, but there was no slow evolution when it came to Franco.

What’s up with soap opera villains and their brainwashing mind chips, anyways? Except Jake died in 2011 because he was hit by his adopted grandfather, Luke Spencer while drinking and driving.

5 Around that same time period, the now deceased (and beloved) Emily Quartermaine was suffering secretly with breast cancer.

It turned out a brain tumor was the root cause of why Franco was so angry, with no conscience, and evil to begin with.

Once that was established, it seemed like all his prior transgressions were wiped away and placed under the proverbial rug.

Not to mention the fact that Jake’s kidneys were later donated to Josslyn Jacks because she happened to be suffering from a cancer at that exact moment and needed a kidney transplant. Sure, Carly is now scrambling to figure out whose kidneys Josslyn has and Jake seems a little more than messed up because of his four years with Helena, but can anyone at GH care to explain how a child gets hit, is declared brain dead and taken off life support, and then miraculously shows up alive? 4 In 2003, GH’s good wife, mother, and granddaughter left her girls (Maxie and Georgie) behind to help take care of her seriously ill grandmother.

Four years later, it turns out that Jake was with the Cassadines all along and that he was indeed alive! She left the girls in great hands when she left them with Mac and thanks to soap opera rapid age syndrome (SORAS) the girls were approximately 17 and 14 years of age at the time.

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Of course, a few relationships are going to come out of this since they see each other so much.

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