Social effects of online dating

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Now, 1 out of every 5 couples has met on the Internet.

Online dating sites enhance peoples’ capacity for connection because the act of not having to initiate flirting and other such things in-person takes away a large part of the anxiety of dating and interacting away.If a person studies their characteristics and finds some to be disagreeable to their ideal self they could actively work to alter that reality in order to better themselves and make themselves more contented.Thus, their journey of self-discovery was ignited by the necessity to present oneself honestly and optimistically through self-presentation on dating sites.According to the research done for the Journal of Computer-mediated Communication, “information and communication technologies (ICTs) shape and are shaped by social practices” (Ellison, Heino & Gibbs, 2).ICTs have the ability to do two things, enhance or constrain communication and our ability to connect with others.

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This is an extremely important subject to study for a few reasons.

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