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Sp4rks dating

\ Inch gave Peggy to Alpha Phi." Ping Pong, Mei and Jch In the merry month of May Suddenly found that they had Something important to say. Mei Mei, Ping Pong Said to the Pebel, said they, "The Seniors are hurled To the cold, cruel world In the merr\ month ol \la \ ." Ping Pong, Mei and Jch Good friends from the start Were very sad when the) found The time had conic to part.

Jeb Stuart put up a notice: '"Lost, stolen or strayed, All the Seniors of Alpha Phi Somehow have been mislaid." Ping Pong, Mei and Jeb Took a look around. Jch Jch Stuart Rebel S.i id to the pandas, said he, "Though mighty sappy \ e've all been slap happy, Happy in Mpha Phi." Jeb Jeb Stuart Rebel Said to the members, said he, "To those who go on We who are gone, Leave you Alpha Phi.

Fairfield, Connecticut Independent Activities: Pi Gamma Mu; Key Society; Student Council "38, 39; International Relations Club '38, "39, Chairman "39: Interracial Committee '38, '39; A Cappella Choir '36; Tomokan 38, '39; Sandspur '38, '39. APPREB ENSION 7Le ^f^^ ^j^^i d*^^ ^^^^ fc^^^^^^fc^^ * Daphne Banks Robert Belden Paul Bouton Dorothy Bryn Robert Carter Margery Chindahl Dorothy Ciccarelli Benjamin Cooke William Collins Lillian Conn Walter Dandliker William Daugherty Betty Davis Wendell Davis Jean Densmore James Edwards Emanuel Ehrlich Alice Elliot Matthew Ely Charlotte Gregg John D.

Hagenbuch Bette Haggerty Ely Haimowitz Joe Hanna ^^^^^ 1HB ,^ \ ^ 4.4 ;*j — 58 — — 59 — ^ IE 1 ^ At ^ J. i ■1 v 7 ^^^^^^^ ' ' ' ^ Irma Achenbach John Albert Anne Anthony Mary Aufsesser Barbara Babb Francis Barber Oliver Barker Aldine Baker Alyce Bashford Savage Betty Berdahl Louis Bethea Arthur Bifield Louis Bills Evelyn Boland Shelby Boorhem Earl Brankert Jeanne Brantman Barbara Brock Dorothy Bromley Harriet Brown Barbara Bryant John Buckvvalter John Budreau Olive Callaway -60- P ^h- ■ • — 61 — Wesley Davis Betty de Giers Barbara Drew Connie Durschlag Bruce Edmands Arax Ann Ehramjian George Ehrlich Franklin Enquist Phyllis Erbe Jane Fairchild Everett Farnsworth Norine Farr Bruno Fedriz/.i Geoffrey Ferris William Fetner Nancy Fisher Isabel Flagc Helen Fluno Claire Fontaine Hortense Ford Boyd France Martha Frost Emmett Gaulding Adolpho Gentil til l £ — 62 — — 63 — Ralph Harrington John Harris Rachel Harris Weston Hausman Clair Henline Jean Herbert Shirley Hermann Erika Heyder Raymond Hickok Helen Hitt Sally Hodgdon Irene Hoenig Mary Louise Hofft Jean Holden Herbert Hoover Mary Virginia Hornor Betty Hubbard Frank Hubbard Dorothy Hugli Hazel Jackson Joan Jenkins Katherine Jennings Nancy Johnson Robert Johnson — 64 — I )\ k. n Elizabeth Leach Evelyn Leon u;n — 65 — Shirley Levis Carolyn Lewis Charles Lingerfelt Nancy Locke Marguerite Lucas Neal Luzier Wallace Mac Briar Ethel Macdonald Eleanor Mc Auliffe George Mc Carthy Robert Mc Corkle Roberta Mc Cormick Betty Mc Cutchen Kathryn Mc Donough Robert Mc Ewan Robert Mc Fall James Mc Hugh Margaret Mc Lean Marjorie Mc Queen Paul Ma Betty Mackemer Margaret Martin Barbara Michelson Donald Miller — 66 — P ^Vv ROBERT Mil. I K William Middlebrooks \n\ Mitchell Merlin i Frances Moin rco Mi ri Virginia Morgan .1 wi t Morse Donai.i) Mi Ki'in |l Nh Ml TISPA1 (ill John Mters Carolyn Nalght James New ion John NICHOLSON Kl\ Mil) Nl EDI Mildred Nix William Nobli Barbara Northb n Peg Northi n \ N Nl ( 1 1 I) 1 1 \ M \ I Nil | Knowlton we claim for Pi Phi the most beauteous eyelashes on campus.

Our two "dancing ladies" are Jo Sanders and '"Frcsiv" they really swing it!

She and her husband, owners of an angora cat farm, spend their time raising little "Puss-Pusses." Is now all settled in Cuba and still trying to find out how many Ricks there are in Ron Rick-o Rum. Now gives out the latest prescriptions in modern, streamlined dress design. Sandy s life is divided between a career and marriage.

Widely noted for her mathematical ability (she has so much to offer in the way of figures) . Fhi:k Modesty Is a Virti e Deedee Hoenig— Has just been chosen to play the part of "Blond let" O Hara in the first llol K- wood production of "Gone With the Wind". She has plenty of money in her Purse, but with the exception oi her artistic ability, everything else lias gone to Ashes. At her opening night on Broadway, she arrived at the theatre in time for her curtain calls.

LEON MARSHALL STACKLER Chicago, Illinois Independent Activities: French Club "39; Flying Club "39. Holt, we oi the senior class wish to express our gratitude lor four lull years l rich experience.

HENRY STRYKER Doylestown, Pennsylvania Phi Delta Theta CARL ELMA THOMPSON Miami, Florida Theta Kappa Nu Ictivities: "R" Club; Varsity Football '36, '37, '38; Varsity i''38, '39. Gamma Phi Beta Ictivities: Internationa] Relations Club "39; A Cappella Choir '36, '37, '38, '3 ( J; \ arsit) Tennis '38; Folk Dancing '36, '37; Sandspur '36, '37, '38, '39; Studenl I aion Committee 39; I 'ap Dancing Team '36; Studio Club '36. "38: Golf *36, T 37, "38, '39; Senior (Committee '39; Tomokan '37, "38; Sandspur "37. We feci thai as each year uniolds this small hut mighty college will continue to give the world men and women with outstanding per- sonalities.

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MYRON LEWIS SAVAGE Orlando, Florida Sigma Nu Activities: 0. V): Ral Committee '37, '38; International Rela- tions Club: Cbapel Stall' "36. '38, '39, Chairman '38: Social Committee '38; Student-Faculty Discip- line Committee '38, '39; Varsity Crew '36; Phi So- ciety; Cbapel Usher Staff; .; Inner Coun- cil; Publications Union "38; Chairman, Student Union Committee 38.

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