Sprung the dating game walkthrough brett

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It's good, then, that Mc Guiness' dialogue is spot-on.

She nails college kids' vocabulary without becoming corny.

The first title developed by Guillemot, a New York City-based joint venture of publisher Ubisoft and mobile games creator Gameloft, chronicles the entangled love affairs of sexy singles at a luxury resort – though the game takes place in Colorado rather than Hawaii.

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Stick with your own gender, or see things from the other side – it's your call.

is a collection of conversation scenes, where Brett or Becky will attempt to woo a potential hookup (or cajole a favor out of a friend) with killer opening lines and well-placed witticisms.

Brett's a cute but not overly confident ski bum who's been secretly in love with Becky since the second grade.

Becky has just broken up with her boyfriend of two years and needs to shake him off before she can get back into the swing of things and find true love.

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Along the way, Becky and Brett will both amass an inventory full of items given to them by friends and enemies.