Ssis package not updating database

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This password is very important, so make sure to remember this password or save it in a secure location.

The password is required, because the catalog stores sensitive information (such as database name and passwords) in the SSIS catalog. Once you click on the "OK" button, the SSISDB catalog will be created under the Integration Services Catalogs node and a new user database named "SSISDB" will be created under the Databases node.

But I dont know how I can use it to update records. Some of us are here to help others and our point to post ratio matters.

Due to a merger we now have a My SQL database that we need to update from SSIS.

Once you will click on this option, another checkbox will be enabled named "Enable automatic execution of Integration Services stored procedure at SQL Server startup".In my SSIS package, I just have one Data Flow Task: OLE DB Source and OLE DB Destination. Now my requirement is after the records are copied to the destination database, I need to update indicator field in the source database for each record transferred. Mark all posts that give the desired result the answer.To identify the records at source DB side, I have a column "Emp ID" in OLE DB Source. If you only mark the last that gave you clarification because you misread an earlier post others will be confused.Everything works except for the table insert or update. Net and ODBC drivers with similar results when we try to update the database.Would upgrading to SP 3 or SP 4 maybe useful with that?

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This tip will demonstrate you how to easily and quickly set up the SSIS catalog on a new installation of SQL Server.

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