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You want this room to be designed to be welcoming and accommodate hosting … Summer is on the way, and with it comes many opportunities for fun, adventure and rest and relaxation, whether you’re spending your time at home or going away on vacation. Here you will find fun adulting tips, delicious recipes, exciting sites to explore in New Orleans and silly dating & relationship stories.

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If you know your date is into music, why not take them to a live gig at Solbar, Maroochydore’s premiere live music venue?

You can rock out to a band touring from overseas, or simply grab a drink and check out whoever happens to be playing that night. For something a little bit more relaxed, check out the street-front lounge bar, where acoustic acts share soulful tunes in an intimate setting.

The Mooloolaba Spit has great fresh seafood, as well as crunchy chips.

Enjoy the sunset and then use your picnic blanket to keep yourself, and your date, warm after the sun goes down.

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Or in Matt’s case, there is nothing worse than when I get a bad night sleep! You may not feel as comfortable with picking up anything you forget at the store like you would in your own country.

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