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Svetlanas dating kyrgystan

“The ratification of the Convention paves the road to the effective inclusion of 180,000 people living with disabilities in the social and economic life of Kyrgyzstan,” said Anna Kirey, Deputy Director for Eastern Europe and Central Asia at Amnesty International.Kyrgyzstan has adopted a number of policy initiatives to deal with an accelerating HIV/AIDS epidemic.As of June 1, 2013, a total of 4747 HIV infections were officially registered in the country (CCC 2013b).

Major efforts to deal with the HIV/AIDS epidemic started in the late 1990s, when the National AIDS Service was set up, the first Law on ‘AIDS Prevention in the Kyrgyz Republic’ was adopted, and the first state HIV/AIDS programme launched, along with joint projects between the government and international agencies (Bashmakova 2007).The article also carries lessons for other low- and middle-income countries, in particular those that are heavily dependent on international donors.Our study followed the stakeholder analysis approach, which seeks to gather knowledge about policy actors and their interests, their formal and informal relationships, the distribution of power, as well as the degree of influence and available resources.All of these factors should be taken into account in the planning and implementation of policies to ensure they are realistic and sustainable (Crosby and Brinkerhoff 2002; Gil 2010; Varvasovszky and Brugha 2000; World Bank 2001).The findings reported here are part of a larger study on HIV/AIDS policy-making in Kyrgyzstan in 2004–2011, which recognizes actors (stakeholders) as one of the key dimensions of policy-making (Walt and Gilson 1994).

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Over the years, Kyrgyzstan has received funding from a variety of multilateral and bilateral agencies, including the World Bank, the World Health Organization, Soros Foundation-Kyrgyzstan and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

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