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The language common to all these, in addition to their native dialect, was Aramaic.

The Jewish inhabitants that had been left in the land would, like their relatives in Babylonia, have become accustomed to the use of Aramaic, to the exclusion, more or less complete, of Hebrew. Away from the site of their destroyed temple, the exiles did not, like those in Upper Egypt, erect another temple in which to offer sacrifices.

25, Knudtzon, 154), with the meaning "interpreter." It may, none the less, be of Aramaic origin.

The word turgamanu is found, e.g., in the Tell el-Amarna Letters (Berlin edition, 21, 1.

It was the language of diplomacy, of business and of social intercourse, and had long been so.

Dwelling in the midst of those who used Aramaic alone, the Jews soon adopted it for every occasion save worship.

In the family they might retain their mother tongue for a time, but this would yield at length to continuous pressure from without.

If this passage is compared with Ezra it would seem that mephorash ought to mean "interpreted." The most natural explanation is that alongside of the readers of the Law there were interpreters, meturghemanim, who repeated in Aramaic what had been read in Hebrew.Thus there is a difference, subtle but observable, between the English of our the King James Version of the Bible and that of Shakespeare, Bacon, or even Hooker.Or, to take an example more cognate, if less accessible to the general reader, the difference may be seen if one compares the Syriac of the New Testament Peshitta with that of the Peshitta of the Old Testament.Intruders from various neighboring peoples had pressed in to occupy the blanks left by the removal of the Jewish captives to Babylon.Although it is not recorded, it is not impossible that following the example of the Assyrians, Nebuchadnezzar may have sent into Judea compulsory colonists from other parts of his empire.

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The Aramaic of the Targums is Western Aramaic, but it is Western Aramaic tinctured with Hebrew.