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The shareholder’s basis is decreased (but not below zero) by the shareholder’s share of the S corporation’s items of loss and deduction, nondeductible expenses (except expenses that are not chargeable to the capital account), depletion deduction for oil and gas property, and distributions to the shareholder that are not made from accumulated earnings and profits.

This helps ensure that the shareholder only benefits once from reductions in income earned by the S corporation.

Like C corporations, S corporations recognize no gain or loss on a distribution of cash to its shareholders.

If the S corporation distributes appreciated property to a shareholder, the corporation must recognize gain as if the property were sold to the shareholder at fair market value.

If the corporation distributes the assets in kind to a shareholder under a plan of liquidation, it is treated as having sold the assets to the shareholder for fair market value.

The corporation will recognize gain or loss if the amount realized (or the property’s value) differs from the corporation’s basis in the distributed asset.

Amounts below investors' cost basis are reported as capital losses.

Credit unions send this sort of distribution to their depositors when they are liquidated, as well.

Amounts above investors' cost basis are reported as capital gains, a taxable distribution.If the amount the investor receives is less than their original cost basis invested in the stock, the investor may report a capital loss which reduces their tax bill. This loss can only be reported once the firm issues a final cash liquidation distribution. Liquidating distributions are not governed by the normal S corporation distribution rules.Instead, liquidation of an S corporation is governed by the same rules that apply to liquidation of a C corporation.

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If the shareholder has multiple bases in her stock, the exact amount of the gain or loss will depend on whether there are single or multiple liquidating distributions.