Team fortess loop validating

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- Gun sounds now match up with the framerate dependent sound timing, and fixed the framerate dependent jittering bugs. - Fixed servers trying to validate backpack positions in inventories.

- Stats: - Fixed an issue that could cause loss of player stats if network connectivity was lost briefly, just after launching the game. - Fixed clients validating inventories other than their own.

- Fixed a bug where some video configurations could get reset by restarting the engine.

- Fixed materials compiled into a map not being loaded correctly if they’re in the root materials folder.

- Increased the hill speed modifier to 1.2 (up from .95) - Fixed explosion particle effects playing in the skybox. Jason A required update to Counter-Strike: Source is now available.

The specific changes include: - Fixed a possible memory corruption on player disconnect, likely the cause of windows dedicated server crashes - Adjusted scoreboard layout for 5:4 screen resolutions (1280 x 1024) To update your CSS server, please hit the update button.

- Fixed the ‘skating’ behavior that could occur when a bomb planting attempt was aborted. Also fixes the resulting out of sync hit boxes.

- Fixed servers not being able to set sv_hudhint_sound. Team Fortress 2 server - Added server Con Var “sv_max_usercmd_future_ticks” which prevents clients from running usercmds too far in the future. - Fixed “Hit ‘%disguiseteam%’ to Toggle Team” string and code so they’re not hard coded to ‘e’ and ‘-’.

CSS Server - Fixed prediction errors that were causing greater weapon inaccuracy (bullet spread) on client than server.

- Made the bomb the primary target of a USE command. This fixes a problem with objects placed around the bombsite interrupting defuse attempts.

- Adjusted some DX9 shaders to look more like their DX8 counterparts, e.g. - Community Requests: - Fixed entity I/O messages “On Player Pickup” and “On Player Use”. - Added env_hudhint entity, for use in custom maps (The allplayers flag must be set for the hint to work in Counter-Strike.) - Added client convar “sv_hudhint_sound” to turn off emit sound for hud hints. - Added server convar “sv_allowminmodels” that allows them to prevent clients from using “cl_minmodels”.

- Added a button to Options-Multiplayer that allows players to reset their in-game stats.

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