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The plot: Justice (Jackson) is a young woman who lives in South Central, Los Angeles, and is still grieving over the loss of her boyfriend who was murdered during a silly confrontation.

These characters must tolerate each other to survive the trip, but social and emotional conflicts continue to get in their way.While this one is significantly different from that masterpiece, it still has its perks and a solid message to add to its formula of an urban-drama.It is the second film in what Singleton has branded his "Hood trilogy," but yet, it is definitely the weakest of them all.Mopreme Shakur was around during some of Tupac’s most memorable moments.Recently speaking with Pac’s older half-brother, Vlad TV asked him about his relationships with certain people including pop star Madonna.

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It describes redemption for one's previous actions, the character herself in the film, and what the slick writing achieves in this picture.