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But in my mind, that's more of a fantasy thing than a reality thing.

In reality, I don't know that it would actually make me want to date a guy.

Unless he really is super into doughnuts, or he is actually the adorable Officer Bennett from Orange When I check out guys' photos on various online dating sites, I have my turn-offs (bathroom selfies, smoking, ill-fitting polo shirts) and my turn-ons (nice smiles, scruffy beards, professorial tweed jackets).

But here's a potential turn-on I've never actually come across.

If you’re dating a military personnel, there will be times when you’ve made vacation plans months in advance and you’ll have to cancel them or go alone because your partner got the call that they are going to be deployed.

Anyway, let's discuss: Would a photo in uniform make you more likely to respond or reach out to a potential online match?For ladies who are interested in dating a man in uniform, they can sign up to a uniform dating site and start their search there.These dating sites bring single men and women from all over the world together and makes it easy for you to meet a uniformed professional.If they are in the military, they could be on a sensitive mission where they cannot discuss the details of their duties.So instead of asking deep questions about their day, just keep it simple.

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In reality, I don't know that it would actually make me want to date a guy.

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  2. I’m usually a ‘to each his/her own’ kinda gal, but this smacks of objectification in the same tenor as the ‘cyborg’ Heineken campaign I wrote about awhile back, taking it up a notch by turning it into reality “…I sure don’t want MY daughter perceived as a human coaster or a lap to rest a beer upon, much less have a mini-keg spring from her womb in servile cyborg style like this opportunistic objectification.