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Many shows have a table seating arrangement in certain sections, so you can spread out a tablecloth, light some candles and enjoy dinner at the show, rather than before or afterward.

Five miles east of downtown and easily accessible on the MARTA east/west line, the courthouse square in downtown Decatur will delight couples in search of a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood filled with restaurants, pubs and boutiques.

It's everything you want in a drive-in, right down to the snack bar and screenings of current hit movies.

This scenic spot provides panoramic views of Atlanta's famous tree canopy and the skyscrapers of the downtown skyline.

The square is a place made for hand-in-hand strolling and lined with so many hot spots it's hard to choose where to go.

Do stop in at the legendary Brick Store Pub, if only for a drink, and request a table in the cozy environs of the Belgium beer bar upstairs.

You get to stay overnight at the world's largest aquarium, where the group has the facilities to themselves after normal business hours.

You also get a behind-the-scenes tour and other perks, including dinner, breakfast and mats to lay your sleeping bags on next to the exhibits.

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