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This makes it easier for someone you trust the site and move forward with it.Choosing the right partner is a difficult task and one must always be careful with it, but yes, should always keep taking risks until he / she gets a perfect! There’s an additional “Resources” link on the “It’s On Us” page where victims can contact the police, their Victim Advocate, the dean of students, and the Title IX office.It gives definitions of sexual battery and consent.Students at the University of Florida can’t file a Title IX complaint form online if they go to UF’s “Sexual Harassment” page. The “Inform Title IX” page was the only one we could find that worked.

At the bottom of the page is USF’s Victim Advocate’s contact information.These are the schools listed from easiest to hardest to find a Title IX report or official complaint form.For each inquiry, the University Press searched “sexual assault [respective school]” on Google.The University Press ranked ten Florida public universities’ online sexual assault resources by their user-friendliness — and FAU’s wound up in the middle.FAU’s website isn’t the most organized, and victims may have to do some digging, but it will still eventually lead you to all the resources you need.

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Unlike other sites, this site gives victims the contact information they need, like the Victim Advocate and Title IX report, at the top of the page, and additional resources, like what men can do to prevent gendered violence and tips for bystanders, toward the bottom.