Updating a concrete bird bath mingle com dating

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The pedestal base is painted to look like stone, and the single basin is painted black.

This traditional design was designed by Hayneedle, just for your space.

No need to mess about with plumbing or extension cords.

The solar-powered design keeps this birdbath friendly to your pocketbook, and to your feathered guests.

Finished in distressed white with a decorative scroll motif, the concrete bowl sits atop a black steel stand.

This Hayneedle-exclusive bird bath will keep your backyard birds happy - and keep you entertained - through the ...

The Belham Living Naples Stone Column Solar Outdoor Bird Bath provides a place for feathered friends to gather that's just for them.

Bird baths are a great way to attract birds to your yard and can be a decorative addition to your landscape.The number and diversity of birds visiting will increase and they will spend more time in your yard since they don't have to go searching for water elsewhere.Birds that don't visit your feeders, may come to your water basin.You can simply fill the bath with 1.5 to 2 inches of water, or you can take the decorative approach and use polished stones or similar items to raise the water level while keeping the bird ...The slim and stately Campania International Williamsburg Candlestand Cast Stone Bird Bath features a candlestick pedestal and wide, shallow basin perfect for bathing birds.

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The Belham Living Tenley Modern Light Cement Solar on Demand Outdoor Bird Bath embodies simplicity with gray cast stone construction and a sleek silhouette, allowing this fountain to blend naturally into your landscape.