Updating a view in plsql

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Updating a view in plsql

They are not permanent until they are confirmed using the statement.Once committed, the only way you can revert a change is to issue a new DML statement to alter the data.In the below example, the cursor CUR is associated with a SELECT statement having the tables EMPLOYEES and joined in its FROM clause. EMPLOYEE_ID clause in the below snippet locks up only rows of the EMPLOYEES table, thus making the DEPARTMENTS table available for modification to the other session users. For this, the cursor CUR is associated with a SELECT statement joining the EMPLOYEES and the DEPARTMENTS tables with a FOR UPDATE OF clause on the employee ID.

As the table is same it is throwing error exception : ORA-20001: An error was encountered - -4091 -ERROR- ORA-04091: table SALES.If you decide you don't want to keep some uncommitted changes, you can throw them away using using the It's possible to update the base table associated with a view.There are some restrictions associated with this, but they are a little out of scope for a beginner level article.In this scenario, the cursor result set can be limited using the traditional When we associate a SELECT statement with more than one table joined together to a cursor with a FOR UPDATE clause, we end up locking all the tables in the FROM clause of the SELECT statement, where we just need to lock a single table for our purpose.The FOR UPDATE OF clause helps us in locking up the intended table rather all available tables.

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Hello, so far in my OAF programming, I have always selected one particular row from a table and saved from it.

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