Updating att cell phones

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Updating att cell phones

Smartphone hardware has a laundry list of first-generation issues to overcome, and you're probably better off just skipping the flood of 5G phones that will be out this year.

You may prefer to just hold on to it for those additional 6 months, and either reselling it or taking it to another carrier.

AT&T Next is the carrier's 30-month device repayment program with an upgrade option built in.

It gives you the option of trading in your device for a new one every 24 months, or two years (or 80% pay off).

You came here to learn about early upgrades, though, so you might not care about that.

AT&T Next is the carrier's, well, "earlier" upgrade program, which (if the name didn't already give it away) allows subscribers to upgrade to a new device every 12 months (or 50% pay off).

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AT&T's side of the story is that "5G E"—the "E" is for "Evolution"—is now going to be applied to areas of its network that have LTE-Advanced technologies like carrier aggregation, 4x4 MIMO, 256 QAM.

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