Updating blackberry device software

Posted by / 31-Aug-2020 22:50

Black Berry Desktop Software supports synchronization of data between your PC and your Black Berry smartphone, and Black Berry tablet.

Using your Black Berry ID to switch devices When you switch to a new Black Berry device, during setup, you are prompted to enter your Black Berry ID username and password.

By now, you might have read my previous post about updating your Black Berry® Device Software wirelessly and are wondering how to update your software using Black Berry® Desktop Software.

Well, you’re in luck, because that’s what we’ll be going through today!

Third-party software that you’ve installed on the device is another issue – the more software, the longer the Black Berry will take to boot.

Most Curves will take between 30 minutes and an hour to reboot following a software update, although devices with a lot of extra software may take several hours to reboot.

Click "Install Update." Your Black Berry Curve may take up to an hour to reboot after this update.

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Black Berry Desktop Software has been given an updated interface and user-friendly menu, which allows you to connect, synchronise, manage and update your Black Berry smartphone or tablet.

It's important to sign in using the same Black Berry ID that you used on your previous device, because many of your apps and settings are associated with your Black Berry ID.

For example, when you use your existing Black Berry ID on your new device, you can reinstall apps that you downloaded on your previous device from the Black Berry World storefront, if a version of that app exists for your new device.

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