Updating database using disconnected architecture gridview rowupdating cannot get new value

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Most regular client/server business applications open tables and maintain a permanent connection to their database while the table is open.However, there are usually only two reasons to be connected to the database: to retrieve data and to update data.

You can reconnect the connection (and use This feature is also available to the BDE and other database technologies by switching over to Client Data Sets, but the beauty of the ADO solution is that you can build your entire application using db Go dataset components and be unaware of disconnected recordsets.You can enable or disable connection pooling either in the Registry or in the connection string. It is a bit mask that allows you to disable several OLE DB services, including connection pooling, transaction enlistment, and the cursor engine.To disable connection pooling using the connection string, include The persistent recordset is a useful feature that contributes to the briefcase model (discussed in the next section).This knowledge of batch updates allows you to take advantage of the next ADO feature: disconnected recordsets.A disconnected recordset is a recordset that has been disconnected from its connection.

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All this talk about dropping and reopening connections brings us to the subject of connection pooling.

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