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Updating express gate

It’s really hard to get an upgrade on a Lufthansa flight when you’re flying out of Frankfurt, since it’s much more likely you will be up against the serious VIPs.Flying out of a smaller hub will boost your chances. Try to book a flight that’s likely to have a large upper-class section.Here will our system design will be when we implement API Gateway on our services.

Usually just asking a flight attendant for an upgrade won’t work, but there are a couple of cases where your chances largely increase.

But until this point we didn’t reroute any request. API Gateway also used as the authenticator service, handle data caching, and as response aggregator.

Thanks a lot to Jonathan Natanael Siahaan for taught me how to write a good code design.

If you’re not in a huge hurry and don’t mind offering to get bumped, this move increases your chances of getting an upgrade.

If you do get pushed to the next flight, you will usually get a free trip to use within a year, and in some cases, spending cash.

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If economy class has been overbooked and there are seats in business, make sure you’re quick to offer (this helps when you’re sitting in the first couple of rows).