Updating gatherer without losing nodes

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Updating gatherer without losing nodes

First of all, it's not a diet, we don't count calories. Primal: No wheat, grains, legumes, simple sugars, very VERY little processed food, some dairy.Yes, you read that right, no calorie counting (how many kinds of cool is that? Basically a less restrictive way to go (this was my choice, but I bounce back to hardcore at times).80/20: 80% of your diet is Paleo/Primal, 20% isn't (within reason, don't eat 9 bags of chips and expect to feel good).Btw, I was skimming through the threads and saw that we all owe you a BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!Sorry it wasn't a good day, but we can always celebrate in the cave on foodie Friday! As for your surgery, start calling and diplomatically but FIRMLY ask for answers... Junie - thinking of you..the mayo is sorting things out for you!! Aug 16, 2018 PM Jadedjo wrote: Egads007I called ten minutes ago with a to paraphrase "did my paperwork get lost?Keep us posted Aug 16, 2018 PM Jadedjo wrote: I posted this in the surgery post: So apparently there is a disconnect between me and a couple of the health professionals, and it's possible I won't be getting implants after all.I was talking pre pec dti and they thought I was talking about under the muscle dti which is apparently a thing here ? I will find out next week as I got a callback and an appt with the ps then.I just did a google search and read it has High Fructose corn syrup in it, tears I tell you, I have tears for being so stupid, because I just ate a bit of that salad again! Apparently we should have been adjusting the air exchange or turning it off during the high humidity days.Fingers crossed that this is all it is and an easy fix. ksusan - guess I should get those melatonin out of the recycle bin.

Yeah that tastes like satan's backside..you mean the homemade, add way more lemon to make it closer to miracle whip (like double), zippier, or garlic...scare the neighbours with your breath! He might have a different slant :)))Anytime you need guidance or help go right ahead and call or text...always there for ya! JKL (JFK) - My niece went vegan too, had about the same results as your granddaughter, not good.

The choice is your own depending on your situation and goals. Paleo is a massive subject online and the information available goes from here to infinity (kind of like this post! It is recommendend that you run any diet change past your PCP first.

), so I have listed basic helpful links below that really should be read before starting. Also, getting baseline blood work done would be wise to gauge how any diet affects you over time.

) We do, however, cut certain foods out, and keep an eye on our carb intake, especially if weight loss is the goal. Paleo folks don't eat sides of bbq'd beef for breakfast, but we do indeed enjoy eating meat, along with a boat loads of veg. I think of the 80/20 as the Las Vegas Paleo…happens on the weekend, stays on the weekend.

Variants include: Keto Diet, Whole30, Mediterranean Diet, Atkins, Low Carb Diet Some choose 50/50%, some choose to eat wheat but no sugar…etc… The more you understand, the better your decisions will be.

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