Updating mac system10 3 to 10 4 8

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Both apps are intuitive with some degree of advanced functionalities.

There is also the Garage Band app for music production and podcasts. Effective and unparalleled multitasking feature: Multitasking is another notable advantage of mac OS.

A simpler GUI could be appealing to individuals who just want to get their work done.

Be reminded, however, that almost all operating systems are not intuitive by default.

There are many reputable manufacturers of Windows laptop and desktop computers.While switching using shortcut keys is also possible in Windows computers, mac OS has a richer feature that centres on easy navigability. This allows a user to organise all the running apps based on his or her preference.Perhaps, the first desktop might run all productivity app while the second desktop might run apps for media consumption. Switching between desktops is possible through shortcut keys or with track-pad or mouse gestures. Integration with other Apple products: One of the strengths of Apple is that most of the products under the brand are completely integrated.This Unix-based operating system developed exclusively for the Macintosh line of computers has become one of the hallmarks of the Apple brand.Apple loyalists would argue that their Mac Book laptops or Mac desktop computers outcompete other operating systems due to the seamless integration of mac OS with top-of-the-line hardware specifications. Some would argue that mac OS is severely limited compared to Windows.

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Windows remains the most popular and available operating system in the world.

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