Updating my blackberry curve

Posted by / 14-Nov-2019 01:13

Updating my blackberry curve

If you're using a phone that you didn't get from us, an update may not be available at the same time as it would be for a phone that came from Three.

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Rest assured that all the content is still available!

Here’s a quick overview of each method so you can ensure your device is the running the latest version of Black Berry 10 🙂 The first method is checking for, and installing, updated Black Berry 10 software using your device.

Check that you've backed up your Black Berry to your computer so you don't lose any important information on your phone.

Software updates need to be approved by mobile networks before your phone will allow you to update your software.

However, the reason why there may be some limitations that your service provider has set forth.

This phone is partially locked and will not show update from 1319, cannot use cursor enter button phone answer button but want to try a reset or reload of os.

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To learn about a feature on your Black Berry 10 smartphone or troubleshoot an issue, there are several great options available to help.