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CHS in addition to almost one thousand nautical charts its also produces many other publications.

These products are repected worldwide for their quality and accuracy.

Francis Lake Superior\Lac Superieur Vancouver Harbour, Central Portion\Partie Centrale Vancouver Harbour, Eastern Portion\Partie Est Vancouver Harbour, Western Portion\Partie Ouest Vancouver Island\Ile de Vancouver, Juan de Fuca Strait to\a Queen Charlotte Strait of Georgia BARRIE BATAWA LOCK / ÉCLUSE 4 BEAVERTON HARBOUR BENSFORT BRIDGE TO/À PETERBOROUGH BIG CHUTE BIG CHUTE MARINE RAILWAYS BER ROULANT BIG CHUTE TO / À PORT SEVERN BOBCAYGEON - LOCK/ÉCLUSE 32 BOBCAYGEON - LOCK/ÉCLUSE 32 BOBGAYGEON - LOCK/ÉCLUSE 32 BUCKHORN BUCKHORN - LOCK/ÉCLUSE 31 BUCKHORN TO/À GANNON NARROWS AND/ET HARRINGTON NARROWS BURLEIGH FALLS BURLEIGH FALLS LOCK/ÉCLUSE 28 BURLEIGH FALLS TO/À BUCKHORN CAMPBELLFORD LOCK / ÉCLUSE 13 CONTINUATION A CONTINUATION A COOK' S BAY AND/ET HOLLAND RIVER COUCHICHING LOCK / ÉCLUSE 42 COUCHICHING LOCK TO BIG CHUTE ÉCLUSE COUCHICHING À BIG CHUTE CROWE BAY LOCK / ÉCLUSE 14 DOURO LOCK/ÉCLUSE 24 FENELON FALLS - LOCK/ÉCLUSE 34 FRANKFORD LOCK / ÉCLUSE 6 GANNON NARROWS TO/À BOBCAYGEON GLEN MILLER LOCK / ÉCLUSE 3 GLEN ROSS LOCK / ÉCLUSE 7 GLEN ROSS LOCK / ÉCLUSE 7 1.) The application has been updated with a new GPU/hardware accelerated renderer. Chart selection is cumbersome - you have to scroll - you cannot search, or start typing a name. Downloading the charts is horrible - you cannot select a set of charts, instead you must select each one, download it, click a dialog box, and then repeat dozens of times. Please upgrade to version that has an updated renderer and UI. Using grid ------------------ - Tap on download icon on top left on your device. You wouldn't know it by looking at the description, but the app also covers the Atlantic Ocean.

2.) This app supports built in GPS as well as external bluetooth GPS receivers (Bluetooth GPS receivers over serial port). Dropping a waypoint requires you to type a name and make 5 clicks on useless dialogs! I like that the USA is covered too, as is part of Mexico and the Caribbean.

The Canadian Nautical Charts are the navigational ‘road maps’ that guide mariners safely from point to point.

Available for purchase from an authorized chart dealer.

No matter what level you zoom to, you cannot see complete coverage. Tech support helped me for a few emails, but then stopped responding. I am a Windows Phone user, and I use this app as a backup to my expensive navigation system when boating in Canada.

It actually saved me when my boat had an electrical problem, causing my navigation system to shutdown. I love the way I can create and share routes between them. this is not, and I don't care to bump into the Canadian shield.

To find the chart you need, you can search our chart catalogues.

We also expect to have interactive maps added soon to facilitate your search online for canadian charts.

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The Canadian coastline is vast, complex and highly indented, making it the longest coastline in the world.

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