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An apachectl configtest would be prudent to ensure the remainder of the config is proper.

Basically if you were getting RELENG_ Now, on to the mirroring part.

Much of the information in this post was gleaned from the freebsd-stable thread linked earlier, along with some info from other sources and personal experience.

Not long ago it was announced that the Free BSD ports tree will cease exporting its Subversion repository to CVS, and subsequently any use of CVSup for updating the ports tree will be discontinued by February 28th 2013.

For more official information, you should consult the Free BSD’s Committer’s Guide chapter on Subversion and the Free BSD Handbook‘s list of official Free BSD Subversion repository mirrors.

On one of my own computers I have previously installed and set up Subversion for serving the repositories I chose to share with the rest of the world.

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