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If clearing the cache files and data doesn’t work for you, you may try and reinstall the Facebook app.

That is because some files may have got corrupted and there can be ‘n’ number of reasons behind this.

If "Pending" status still shows for long, it usually means that the courier does not have any delivery information for the tracking number yet.

Also, please check if the tracking number is correct, and contact the courier if need be.

Sign back in and check if you can scroll through the news feed again.

You will see Install instead of Open in the screenshot above.

After Ship will continue tracking until the courier updates on it’s server.

Once you are done, reload feed or refresh the app/web page and you should see new updates instead of old ones just repeating itself.All recently added or imported shipments within your After Ship account are tagged with "Pending" status, and queued up for tracking in batches.After Ship automatically gets the latest tracking information from couriers every 3-12 hours.It can be an issue if you are traveling to foreign lands where time is different.Either way, you should check if the date and time are correct on your phone.

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