Updating status on production orders

Posted by / 13-Oct-2019 11:09

Updating status on production orders

When a planned order is exploded, details about the outcome are displayed on the Explanation tab in the Explosion form. For more information, see About using tracing for master plans.

You review and analyze sales order information to track the status of sales orders and invoices and accurately plan for future needs.

Transaction processing enables the system to store data in a queue until a commit command is issued, at which time the data is moved to the corresponding table.

You can also review the present status of any order, including orders that are on hold.

This is helpful if you have customers who come to the warehouse and purchase items directly.

After you enter their order, you can bypass the picking and shipment confirmation steps by advancing the status code on the order line to the status code for processing invoices.

The Item Location File table (F41021) reflects on-hand and committed quantities of items by branch/plant, location, and lot/serial number.

Maintaining the F41021 table accurately is extremely important.

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After warehouse personnel pick the appropriate items to fill an order, you can verify that the billing and shipping information on the sales order is correct.