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Updating to build war z

They’re fast, cooperative, and able to swarm in massive numbers.There are four cities, where I play through linear slices of New York, Jerusalem, Moscow, and Tokyo.I’m offered a basic set of weapons, but I will find upgraded weapons throughout my adventure.Missions are straightforward point-A-to-point-B affairs. At times, I have to gather supplies or set up traps.The main component of the forthcoming update is the introduction of a brand-new extreme difficulty level: Six Skulls.

Where so many much zombie fiction depicts small crowds of shambling undead, the World War Z fiction depicts zombies like ant colonies.

Other times, I just need to advance to my next destination, slaughtering the undead along the way.

There’s a class system as well, adding a little bit of depth to progression.

Though you’ll need to be quick: that deal expires midnight tonight.

is a patchwork of a game, much like the mixed bag of a movie it’s based on.

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It’s a shame, because once a level starts, it doesn’t take long to get to the absolute best part: the zombies.