Updating vb control from a c program

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Updating vb control from a c program

Enable Raising Events = True' add an Exited event handler Add Handler my Process. Process Exited Private Sub Process Exited(By Val sender As Object, _By Val e As System. Exit Code)' allow the process to raise eventsmy Process.

Read one of the following articles: After you've added the Automatic Updater control to your application, it's a simple matter of including wy & files to your application and releasing it to your users.

This article scope is limited to Updating and Deleting records using Grid View and I am not using any readymade Data controls for that but manually writing all event methods.

I will be using Sql objects directly into methods to keep the example simple and straight forward.

The implementation of Invoke on the Control class will not take into account the parameters passed to Invoke if the type of the delegate is Event Handler.

NET is an update to Visual Basic that targets Microsofts . It is the most productive tool for rapidly creating a wide range of Windows, Web, Mobile, and Office applications built on the . The Visual Basic language is designed to be human readable and accessible to everyone from novice programmers to advanced system architects. NET Framework, which guarantees that programs written in Visual Basic run with unsurpassed scalability and reliability. NET languages such as Visual C#, Visual J#, or Visual C . NET in a simplified manner rather than in a complex way.

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NET app then you can still use wy Update to update your app.

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