Updating views in sql server non sedating antidepressants

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Updating views in sql server

The example below shows all of the code from the view.

You could also do a SELECT *, or further restrict the columns you want to see.

A view is really nothing more than a logical representation of one or more tables in a database.

View offer the following benefits and functionality.

Step 3 : Once you created a table & view and noticed that schema and table data is same whether in table or view, lets now alter the table and add one column namely “Address” and observe the impact on view .

Where there/Are there significant performance implications to doing this?

This table will be used for reference in the view in later step.

--This script is compatible with SQL Server 2005 and above.

Or is this more a case of senior developers/DBAs' telling junior personnel not to do this because they can unwittingly wreak havoc with an incorrect join.

EDIT I'm using MSSQL 2000-2008 (Depending on the particulars of the client) triggers "SQL Server must be able to unambiguously trace modifications from the view definition to one base table.".

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We customized one table for them and they complained that these customizations are not reflecting in the view which is the reference table. (Not exactly) Let me explain the problem and its solution step by step.

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