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Updating vob nav packs

For more information on the Java™ SDK version shipped with each IBM® Web Sphere® Application Server Fix Pack, see Verify Java SDK version shipped with IBM Web Sphere Application Server fix packs.The amount of disk space required varies with the number of features or products installed.Improvement: Motion2still: Some improvements, mainly in motion2still w/o audio (I hope I didn't break anything).Now the output is much more similar (probably identical in motion2still w/o audio) to menushrink one.Java SE 6 end of service in Web Sphere Application Server V8.5. Hence, Inspur K-UX 2.1 is not a supported platform from Web Sphere Application Server Version Check details for news about Web Sphere Application Server Java non-serviceable files.

As a drawback, Linux users (using wine) will need to put the library mfc42in the same folder than Vob Blanker.var microsoft = microsoft updating vob nav packs-8updating vob nav packs-26updating vob nav packs-41

IFO when copying the attributes from a replacing PGC.

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