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Updating window weight pocket

Your old windows have worked well for about 100 years.

With a little TLC, they can be saved and will last for many, many more.

This system also consisted of exterior storm and screen windows made of wood.

When properly maintained, these windows worked very well.

This was done with the assurance that homeowners would “never have to paint again.” Unfortunately, often existing problems were not fixed prior to the application of this material so the aluminum wrap often masks underlying problems – it’s just like sweeping dirty under a rug. Additionally, one small opening of in the sealant applied around the aluminum can lead to moisture becoming trapped inside of the aluminum shell.

If this isn’t tended to, the moisture can lead to rot.

) Unfortunately, many of these old storms are still in place today A lot of our old houses have their original window sills and casings wrapped in aluminum.Furthermore, aluminum wrap obscures the great architectural detail of an old house and can make it look “cheap.” Many owners of older homes who are considering upgrading their old windows are intrigued by so called “jambliners.” This system involves removing the weights and pulleys from a double-hung window and replacing them with fiberglass insulation.It also involves securing a vinyl track to the window jambs and permanently ripping off a half inch of each stile so the sash can ride in the track.Heat loss occurs in the gaps and cracks around the window frames, jambs, and casings.Furthermore, double-insulated glass is not an appropriate choice for an old house like yours as it will destroy much of the architectural integrity of your house.

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You might think that because you see some decay on the surface of your old windows, you should throw them out and install new ones. Underneath the surface of some scuffed-up wood, the rails and stiles that make up your old windows could be perfectly fine.