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This trend was apparent in many of the new products launched at High End -- all-in-one wireless streaming speakers, amps, and DACs with streaming capability, and active speakers with built-in amplification. These days, many audiophiles prefer to hide away their electronics where no one can see them.

Either that, or they want those huge enclosures out front and center as talking points when someone enters the room. When Jason Thorpe can’t make it to a hi-fi show, we sorely miss him -- he just won’t stop until he uncovers every last new turntable and phono-related product at every show he attends.

This time we’ll focus on headphones, with all prices in USD.

Can Jam is a series of headphone-focused shows that take place several times a year, in locales as diverse as London, Shanghai, New York City, and Irvine, California -- essentially a vast business park that sits anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours south of Los Angeles, depending on traffic.

On the evening of August 20, 2019, I attended an event at Georgia Home Theater in Marietta, Georgia, at which Martin Logan previewed seven new loudspeakers in their Motion series.

The revamped Motion series includes two stand-mount models, three floorstanders, and two center-channel speakers.

Since I’m online almost all the time, these early releases helped me get my initial coverage up more quickly.

Although the show featured lots of new headphones and headphone amps, most of the action was in earphones -- and we’re talking high-end, exotic earphones, not the stuff you find at Best Buy.

This year’s High End show had plenty of introductions of reasonably priced electronic components, even though I would say that many of them were network-streaming products. , were being remixed in Dolby Atmos, I feared the worst.

And even those that were not, like integrated amplifiers, preamplifiers, and DACs, often had streaming capabilities built into them. As I headed into the packed demonstration room to listen to the remixes of these great albums, I had thoughts of Davis, Coltrane, Adderley, and others bouncing around above my head. We experienced the wildest, most-ambitious design at the show, and a high-end stalwart introduced more affordable models. About a week before I got on a plane to Munich, Doug Schneider asked me if I’d like to cover headphones and related products at the show.

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