Validating a purchase form with java script

Posted by / 21-Feb-2020 04:51

Note: Using Simfatic Forms you can create feature-rich web forms without coding. It’s always a good idea to have a “blank” option as the first option in your select box.

Visually design the form, get the form submissions by email, save to database and more. Let’s look at the form we used for the first tutorial and make a few updates to it. The action is now “php-form-processor.php”, since this is a new example, and we’ve added a new input: a “select” box, also known as a “drop-down” or “pull-down” box. Each option has a “value”, just like other inputs, and also a string of text between the option tags. It forces the user to make a conscious selection from the box and avoids a situation where the user might skip over the box without meaning to.

One other missing piece is that, as before, we want to preserve the user’s choice in the select box, just in case there’s a validation error in one of the other fields.

Here is how to do that: This code isn’t the easiest to look at!

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This way, if there are multiple errors, correcting them will be easier for the user.Students are strongly encouraged to take a free online placement test before enrolling in this course.This course requires a properly maintained computer with high-speed internet access and an up-to-date web browser (such as Chrome or Firefox).Otherwise, you must then select a database on the server.Once these steps are performed, you now have a connection to a database, and can start running SQL commands on it.

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Basically what is happening here is that for whatever option the user has already selected, we want to put a selected=”selected” property in that option box.