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Validating reports of poor childhood memory

Most scientists agree that memories from infancy and early childhood - under the age of two or three - are unlikely to be remembered.

Research shows that many adults who remember being sexually abused as children experienced a period when they did not remember the abuse.

Ultimately, the individual involved - not the therapist - must reach a conclusion about what happened in the past.

Good therapy shouldn't create or reinforce false beliefs, whether the beliefs are of having been abused or of not having been abused.

Competent therapists realize their job is not to convince someone about a certain set of beliefs, but to let reality unfold for each person according to the individual's own experience, interpretation, and understanding.

Helpful psychotherapy provides a neutral, supportive environment for understanding oneself and one's past.

Little in the press, however, has dealt with the science relating to memories of childhood trauma.

People forget names, dates, faces and even entire events all the time. For more than a hundred years, doctors, scientists and other observers have reported the connection between trauma and forgetting.

But is it possible to forget terrible experiences such as being raped? But only in the past 10 years have scientific studies demonstrated a connection between childhood trauma and amnesia.

At the same time, to prevent the past from continuing to influence the present negatively, it is vital to focus on the present, since the goal of treatment is to help individuals live healthier, more functional lives in the here and now.

Just as it is harmful for people to believe that something horrible happened to them when nothing did, it is equally harmful for people to believe that nothing happened when something bad did occur.

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Evidence shows that memory can be influenced by other people and situations; that people can make up stories to fill in memory gaps, and that people can be persuaded to believe they heard, saw or experienced events that did not really happen.

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