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(2) Reliability, which is similar to the SERVQUAL reliability dimension, except that it has two subdimensions and a couple of other variables.

(3) Personal interaction, which has two subdimensions (4) Problem solving, which addresses the handling of product returns and exchanges as well as of complaints.

Dabholkar’s study (1996) concluded that there are 5 underlying dimensions of service quality in a retail environment such as physical aspects, reliability, personal interaction, problem solving, and policy.

In their study, based on the partial disaggregation technique and cross validation, they developed a new measurement scale, called Retail Service Quality Scale (RSQC), for retail stores.

Once a customer has decided that he or she is no longer satisfied with the product or service, the process of the dissolution of the bonding between the customer and the provider becomes salient.

Also, there is widespread consensus among scholars (e.g.

However, since SERVQUAL was originally developed to measure the general service quality, it didnt fully consider the underlying characteristics of a specific industry such as retailing.Current measures of service quality including SERVQUAL do not adequately capture customers’ perceptions of service quality for retail stores such as department or specialty stores.Therefore, the main objective of this study is to investigate the usefulness and applicability of the different methods including SERVQUAL in measuring the service quality of retail environment and their relationships to customer retention and word-of-mouth behavior.(3) Responsiveness, which refers to the willingness of service providers to help customers and provide prompt service.(4) Assurance, which relates to the knowledge and courtesy of employees and their ability to convey trust and confidence.

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RESEARCH HYPOTHESES The growing importance of service quality in the retail environment leads us to examine the following questions concerning the relationships among service quality, customer retention rate, and word-of-mouth in the retail environment.