Validating schema libxml perl Sex gerl

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Validating schema libxml perl

I have mentioned in the link How to check xml elements? so, please pour your ideas regarding this question.Refer examples, links or books regarding my question Thanks in Advance.

A number of questions are still being worked on and will be added when they are complete.boolean decimal Notes: the total Digits, fraction Digits and enumeration facets are not supported on decimal or any types derived from decimal (all numeric types).integer int short byte unsigned Int unsigned Short unsigned Byte positive Integer negative Integer non Positive Integer non Negative Integer date Time Notes: Although date Time correctly validates the lexical format it does not offer comparison facets (min*, max*, enumeration).float duration time date g Year Month g Year g Month Day g Day g Month hex Binary base64Binary any URI QName NOTATION Please note that I will delete bugs which merely point out the lack of support for a particular feature of XML Schema.Those are feature requests, and believe me, I know we've got a long way to go.

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I looked into enhancing XML:: Schema but I must admit that I'm not smart enough to understand the code...

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