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Vandals internet dating superstuds

Enjoying the best success of their career in the 21st century, The Vandals are an unheard-of example of a band slowly getting better and selling more and more records long after most of their peers have either broken up or just sucked so hard no one wants to even look them in the eye.

Crée à l'origine par le guitariste, Warren Fitzgerald (Tenacious D) en 1981, le groupe a souvent changé de lineup.

The Vandals latest effort, Internet Dating Superstuds, is good. The Vandals generally seem to put their CDs together the same way every time - a quick, fast, hard hitting song has seemingly always taken space number one. Then there's some amusing filler - Appreciate My Honesty and I'm Becoming You are good, but nothing to cause you to run screaming up to the front of a pit, singing the words, arms above head. Once agian, the vandals unique creativity and song writing (read as: insanity) shines thru. I Can't Wait you may like, if you've been in such a situation.

Alas, I'm having a really hard time coming up with anything inspired to say. Disproportioned Head is the first song after 43210-1 that really makes a distinctive mark.

Christmas 1994, not like the year before We didn't want to know Buried our heads in the snow...

Looking back it was obvious to everyone But then again he's not just anyone We used to laugh and call him names Some things I wish I could change Snow fell He was burning up inside Tired of living a lie He just had to say We learned my brother was gay It came on silent night Mother's face went white She said "I have to sit" Father had a fit I'm learning to deal with it My brother is ggg....

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