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Vintage clothing dating zipper

Pulitzer herself began designing colorful floral dresses that wouldn’t show stands from her work at a Florida juice stand!The dresses were so popular amongst the stand’s customers that she began producing a professional line.The sizing system changed again in 1984, to roughly 4 sizes bigger than modern size. [Back to the top.] LOOK FOR: The tag of a prominent designer or in-house line, such as Emilio Pucci (above) or Lilly Pultizer (below). VINTAGE HISTORY: Like the styles of clothing they created, the look of a designer tag changed throughout the history of the brand.Use the Vintage Fashion Guild’s label resource guide to compare your label’s design next to the tag pictures available.

So whether you’re a vintage clothing newbie or an expert looking to brush up on her skills, keep reading after the jump for my top tips on dating vintage clothing!

[Back to the top.] LOOK FOR: The garment care tag stitched onto the interior of the garment. VINTAGE HISTORY: In 1971 the Federal Trade Commission released the “Care Labeling Rule” which required all manufacturers (including importers) of apparel to include garment care instructions on an interior tag.

The care label tag is required to include one method of care to keep the garment in quality condition, such as “machine wash cold” or “dry clean only.” If the garment was made by a brand but is missing care instructions, you can confidently conclude the piece was produced before 1971.

Hale Hawaii and Kuu-Ipo Hawaii are other examples with more deliberate Hawiaan branding in their names.

[Back to the top.] LOOK FOR: The size of a garment and comparing it to your modern size will help determine whether it’s vintage.

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When Hollywood celebrities like Ginger Rogers began wearing Hawiaan dresses and Betty Grable wore a Hawiaan pin-up bathing suit in the ’40s, the American public was swayed to adopt the trend as a must-have in their own closets.