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Vuze keeps updating

I too encountered the problem of my computer freezing whilst using Vuze.In my case this occurred after installing MS Office, which included Outlook.Vuze Plus with Bit Defender analyzes your downloads at the point that they enter your system regardless of whether your system's antivirus software is enabled at the time.

In fact, when I don't run Vuze for a few days, there are no lockups. Only one suggestion seems possible and I don't know how to do it or whether or not I should: update my LAN driver. It is impossible for programs that simply run as software to cause system instability or crashes.

If not, then it immediately attempts to download the latest definitions and promptly scans your files.

Therefore, if you haven't used Vuze Plus since yesterday and you opened it up and downloaded a file, Vuze Plus would update its virus database to the latest definitions - at most one-hour _young_!

What commonly happens, especially with torrent programs is that they simply tax the system to the maximum and can make weaknesses in other areas show up.

For example, I haven't heard of anyone having what you are saying in Vuse, but I have heard it all the time in Utorrent - and even had it myself at one point.

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If, on the other hand, you have been downloading continuously for a while, we wouldn't want to unnecessarily slow your system down by constantly updating the virus database.

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