Warren sapp dating milan who is zach braff dating 2016

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Naomi Campbell was spotted vacationing--as usual--with her boyfriend Vladislav Doronin off the coast of Ibiza yesterday: Well aren't they cute.Some months ago they came to Spain hoping to buy a house on the island.so what Naomi isn’t married yet shes 40 and fab maybe shes waiting for the right man to marry and she looks better than half of the people talking crap about her and shes not broke by a long shot as long as there’s rich white men Naomi will never ever go broke because all the rich white men all over the world will always give her whatever she wants without a second thought Naomi has it like that!!!its no where written that by a certain age you should be married who wants to marry then divorce over and over again ..

PRETTY...someone he can wake up to because I'm naturally pretty. cuz if it werent for bobby jones and sunday best..and kiki and them i would not watch that shit...] n.e. yes fuck these hoes they could give a rats ass about yall... yall take down her youtube vids too..yall ppl are funny lighten up... i am looking into my crystal ball i see milan[ ho did ur mamma name u that...really...? wait there is more i see her posing in smooth and ...thats it *tap, tap* yep thats it... i kno them hoes gonna be mad @ me *cakles like a witch*..... Please someone else has to think this is hilarious...

nelly: i’m glad Naomi is with this guy he seems like he really loves her .

we all know black men don’t like her she isn’t light enough and they’ll hold her weave against her while excepting white woman’s fake hair weaves fake butt implants fake lips fake orange skin color fake noses among other things.

Maybe this time they will make a final decision about which one to choose.

Gossip about which ballers are supposedly trying to get at "College Hill's" Milan when you read the rest....

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Milan from BET's "College Hill" is getting play from all the ballers. And it's funny that mostly all men in Europe dress like that but there are more gay men in the USA than in the entire CONTINENT of Europe! Didn't calling ppl gay lose it's cache in Jr' High? i don't kno who the other chick is, i stopped watching black exploitation television (BET) years ago..

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