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Webcam chat to teachers

Video chat makes it possible for a teacher to offer a more intimate classroom experience for many students at once.A violin teacher, for instance, can show students how to hold the bow and the violin close up, even though there are many students attending the class.Using Skype for those sessions opened a conversation with the administrators of the program that became an exploration of how best to utilize video chat for learning.Over time, several ideas emerged suggesting video chat was more agile a tool for learning than any of the program administrators had suspected.

A classroom no longer has to be in one physical location. A boon for students who tend to become distracted by such things and lose focus.Most smartphones, tablets or laptops now possess a camera, with people using these as their primary way to take photos and videos.Additionally, the availability of instant video chat services enabling either one on one conversations, or group chats, has grown, and a wider number of social media apps and services now offer this too.No one much thought about the potential of video chat as an aid to learning sessions until it simply happened.Body language made a difference to make eye contact.

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Video chat is an excellent and perhaps underutilized learning tool.

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